Liquid Filling and Packaging

Opti­mized for a vari­ety of liq­uid types:

-2oz to 2.5 gal Bot­tles ‑Free-Flow­ing

-Pails, Drums, Totes ‑Vis­cous / Thick 

-Full Bulk ‑Foamy

Bottles being prepared for filling

Powder Filling and Packaging

Lines designed for bag­ging and con­tain­er filling: 

-Con­sumer Bot­tles ‑Pouch­ing

-Indus­tri­al Bags, Pails ‑Bag­ging


Container being filled with powder product

Form, Fill and Seal

Are you look­ing to form a pack­age, fill it with a dry prod­uct and seal it closed? Hav­i­land Prod­uct­s’s FFS sys­tem is a ver­sa­tile option for pack­ag­ing gran­u­lar to dry pow­ders with con­sis­tent accu­ra­cy down to +/- 0.5%. Addi­tion­al­ly, this process cre­ates each pack­age to fit the exact spec­i­fied vol­ume of prod­uct allow­ing for pack­ag­ing cost savings.

Employees sealing skids for shipping