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Why work for an ESOP

Work­ing for an ESOP com­pa­ny is more than just a sup­ple­ment to my retire­ment plan. Each day I have a pur­pose, to work to the best of my abil­i­ty not only to have a direct impact on Haviland’s suc­cess, but also for my co-work­ers. I’m not just com­ing to work for a pay­check, or for an ESOP pay­out when I retire, I’m pas­sion­ate­ly engaged in doing my best to the ben­e­fit of our whole com­pa­ny. It’s a work­place cul­ture unlike any I’ve worked in before, where there is active encour­age­ment from our lead­er­ship towards growth and pro­mo­tion from within.”

-Alisha Lit­tle, Hav­i­land Pool and Spa Buyer

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