Every October we celebrate Employee Ownership Month. It’s a special month that gives us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate our unique ownership structure. Because we are employee-owned, our success creates wealth creation opportunities for our employees and their families. This year we are celebrating 10 years of being 100% employee owned, which is an exciting milestone for Haviland.

Haviland’s employee-owners have chosen to give back to the community with donations to numerous organizations including Arbor Circle, In the Image, and Helping Hands, a fund that supports Haviland employees during difficult life events

The ESOP gives each of our employees the responsibility to do their part to continue Haviland’s success. This looks like:

-Working Safely. Be a leader in Haviland’s safety journey.

-Using unique department knowledge to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.

-Do the Right Thing. Take the extra time to do it right for our customers, employee-owners, and communities.

-Continue to build a positive culture based on TRUST. Haviland TRUST embodies Teamwork, Respect, Understanding, Service, and Transparency.

Happy ESOP Month and cheers to 10 years of employee-ownership!

-Meg Post, Haviland President & CEO