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Are you part of the pool and spa industry (or in any industry) and want us to shoot an episode or a mini-series? CLICK HERE to see our 2019 | 2020 pricing.

Legendary Pools and Spas video productions are the best value in the industry. Time, Travel, Talent - all included! Maybe a full episode isn't in the budget. CONTACT THE LEGEND to talk about sponsoring an episode, promoting a product, or maybe just wearing some of your company swag - the LEGEND is a proud wearer of XXL. 

Haviland Pool and Spa Legendary Media Guide

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Legendary Pools and Spas

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Legendary Pools and Spas

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Legendary Pools and Spas

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Legendary Pools and Spas

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About The LEGEND

John 'LEGEND' Bokor is a 30 year veteran of the pool and spa industry. He's worked in pools stores, serviced hundred of pools and spas and even owned a pool store, and now he works for Haviland- and employee-owned pool chemical manufacturer. He's been inside the belly of a hot tub, he knows equipment inside and out, and he wants you to know that when it comes to pool and spa ownership, working with a local, trusted professional is the only way to go. 

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Here's one of the Legend's favorite episodes from Season 1. We had so much fun with this family. Great actors and great people...and it was an honor to work with Sir Patrick Hendren.

Legendary Pools and Spas

Legendary Thanksgiving

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