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Haviland Chemical Contract Manufacturing


Kevin Nicholas and Ken Daly lead a team of chemists, engineers and manufacturing experts to help fulfill your manufacturing needs.

Creative Chemistry for Creative Minds

3 Blenders

166 Cubic Ft. Plow Blender on Load Cells
45 Cubic Ft. Plow Blender
100 Cubic Ft. V-Blender

Moisture Control
Atmosphere Control

Filling & Packaging Capabilities

8  Filling Lines  

1 2-Head Automatic Filler
4 Single-Head Automatic Fillers
2 Form, Fill & Seal Machines
4 oz to 55 lb Automatic Bagging Lines
Batch-Filling up to Supersack


Haviland Chemical Contract Manufacturing

18 Blend Tanks
165 - 6,000 gallons
11 Tanks on Load Cells with Mixers
Stainless Steel, Poly and Fiberglass options
2 Solvent Blend Tanks 
1,500 gallons each
Nitrogen Blanketed
3 Stainless Steel Blend Tanks 
Heat and Cool-Water Jacketed
3 Stainless Reactor Tanks
1,500 Gallon Reactor Tank
Nitrogen Blanketed
Heat and Cool-Water Jacketed
1,500 Gallon Reactor Tank
Nitrogen Blanketed
Heat and Cool-Water Jacketed
520 Gallon Reactor Tank
Heat and Cool-Water Jacketed
Deionized Water System
RO Water System

Haviland Chemical Contract Manufacturing

Global and domestic sources for nearly all types of repackaging applications.Utilizing a trusted and portfolio of existing packaging including totes, drums, supersaks, 63mm, and 38mm consumer bottles.  1 oz - 5 lb pouching.
4 oz. Liquids - Tankers and Rail Cars
1 oz Dry pouches - Supersaks
Form, Fill & Seal
5 Automatic Bottle Filling Lines
3 12-Head Automatic Filling Lines
Heat Sealer
2 6-Head Automatic Filler
Heat Sealer
Batch lines capable of filling 5 gallons to bulk volume
Solvent Lines capable of filling 5 gallons to bulk volume
18-head Rotary Filler

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