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September | 2020

Allied Finishing


Grand Rapids, MI

Customer satisfaction is key to every plating business.  When Allied Finishing, Inc. Technical Manager Brad Hirdes learned there was a possibility of losing a customer because of a finishing issue, he turned to Haviland for help. Allied Plating, based in Grand Rapids, was founded in 1980 and has 260 employees.  The company has a reputation for providing performance decorative metal plating to the automotive and motorcycle industries; they process more than 10,000,000 parts per year on three plating lines, all of which use Haviland chemistry. 

“Haviland’s technical service people responded immediately to our plating issue,” Brad says.  “They came in one after another, around the clock, to resolve the problem and keep our customer satisfied.”   He adds, “Their technical service is excellent.  When we need answers, Haviland shows up – any time, any day.”

Brad adds, “Haviland products are competitively priced and typically available within one day.” 

Allied Finishing Plating Line

Allied Finishing, Inc. exclusively uses Haviland Sapphire Elite Copper Brightener System on their copper plating line; Haviland cleaning products, nickel brighteners and commodities are used on the other lines. “Sapphire Elite Copper Brightener provides the perfect buffing finish for our intricately detailed, copper-plated parts,” Brad explains.

He adds, “We have a long-tenured relationship with Haviland.  Ron Kinne, our technical sales representative from Haviland, has been my mentor since I started in the business 14 years ago. I have learned a lot about the plating industry from him.”

Brad began at Allied Finishing as a processing engineer and is now an owner, along with: CFO Marc Hop; Sales Manager C.J. Nachtegall; and General Manager Jerry VanderSloot.

“Haviland’s excellent chemistry has played a major role in our ongoing success.  They stand behind us in our commitment to produce premium decorative metal plating finishes for our customers.”Allied Plating Grand Rapids, MI

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June | 2020

Haviland Enterprises is producing a broad-spectrum disinfectant that can be used to kill the COVID-19 virus on hard surfaces.

The Grand Rapids-based chemical manufacturer said it is rolling out Rely+On Virkon for hard, nonporous surfaces, particularly in the medical field, laboratories, schools and industrial facilities, through a partnership with Sudbury, England-based LANXESS Corporation. Read the entire aticle.

April | 2020

Hand Sanitizer

Here are a few of the thank you's that we are happy to share. 


Again, thanks so much! I will pick it up Friday. You have no idea how many days/nights of worry this has ended for me. -
Crooked Tree District Library
Wow – that is incredible! BRAVO!  I’ll look forward to picking these up on Friday... - Muskegon 60th District Court
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  We appreciate it!  -
That is wonderful news! -
That is so awesome!!  Thank you so much!! -
Great thank you so much! -
That's fabulous!  I've contacted the program directors and we are working on the pick up and distribution plan.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Again, thank you for your support of The Salvation Army. -
Thank you so much. This really means so much to our team members and the people we serve. -
Thank you so very much! The Revive & Thrive Project provides free, healthy, healthy home-delivered meals to those facing cancer and who are at risk from covid-19.  We are so grateful for the hand sanitizer donation as we are down to our last few drops and many of our volunteers have run out of their personal supply. It's critical for our packaging and delivery team to use hand sanitizer in-between deliveries. This is a huge blessing and we are grateful.  -
Thank you for the donation – we are so grateful! Thank you again for supporting our mission during COVID-19!
This is so amazing—thank you so much. We are incredibly grateful for this! -
That is so awesome – thank you!  God bless Haviland Enterprises for their generosity  😊 -
Oh my gosh!!!  I am SO excited!!!  Do I come in or just pull up??  Is there a cost for this?  We have been looking everywhere for some still with no luck aside from a couple of little personal ones!  Thank you thank you thank you! -

March | 2020

Pioneer Metal Finishing

Turning a challenge into an opportunity

Monroe, Michigan

All commodity chemicals are not created equal, nor are their suppliers.  That is what ­­April Neff has learned after more than 20 years of purchasing 14 different commodity chemicals from Haviland Products.  Since 1945, Pioneer has offered a broad selection of finishing services to industries across the United States and Mexico. With eight locations and 1,000 employees, the company processes more than 560 million parts annually. 

April Neff, process control supervisor for Pioneer’s Monroe, Michigan anodizing facility, describes the tumult that occurred several years ago when a change in corporate buying practices mandated a change of suppliers, based on price alone.  “Though the change only affected four of our commodity chemicals, it was clear after only two orders that this was not going to work,” says April.  “The orders were not on time and we had difficulty getting in touch with someone to assist us.  Some of the chemicals never showed up, and I had to contact Haviland to get product.”Jeff Shaw Haviland

According to April, “I have worked with several suppliers in my 22 years and Haviland is one of the best. Everything we ask for with Haviland is always there, on time and with the highest quality.  The certificate of analysis is always provided, so contamination is never an issue.  Technical service is phenomenal and pricing is aggressive.”

One example April gave of Haviland “going above and beyond” is related to a safety measure.  She was telling her Haviland representative about some safety concerns with diluting caustic, which she wanted to eliminate   The workers had to get the caustic out of bulk tanks to dilute it and adjust the pH.  After observing the issue, Haviland offered to pre-mix the caustic solution for Pioneer and even purchased a pump to further eliminate the possibility of splashing.  Later, Pioneer requested the same pre-mix and pump option for the chrome solution used for testing in their labs.

Pioneer Metal Finishing

Product development is another area where Haviland has been able to provide assistance.  April explains, “I have approached Haviland for input on several new products. They were able to replace one of my high usage/high cost products, with a lower cost product. The new product performs the same, if not better.”

Even the Haviland drivers are polite and professional, and focused on customer service, according to April.  “Our technician thinks of Jim Dorton, the bulk chemical driver like family!” she says. “His communication is excellent, keeping us updated with the ETA and even helps set up for the delivery.”

 Haviland Tanker - Pioneer Metal Finishing

“The quality of Haviland chemicals is above reproach,” Neff says with confidence.  “Our long history with Haviland Products is based on three things: consistent quality, reliability and technical support.”

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July | 2019

Haviland Pool and Spa has acquired Blue Excess of Chandler, AZ. The manufacturing and warehouse facility will become Haviland Pool & Spa Southwest (HSW).

“I’m pleased to welcome this Southwest-based business to our Haviland family,” said Haviland Enterprises, Inc. Vice President Sales and Marketing Art Harre. “This acquisition aligns with our strategy to expand Haviland’s capabilities as well as our geographic locations. Ultimately, it will benefit the customer experience.”

HSW will be utilizing its tableting, blending and packaging capabilities to strengthen the processes and products of Haviland’s existing business groups.

Haviland Pool purchases Arizona manufacturer

Founded by Blaine Mills, Blue Excess has been contracting chemical blends for regional and national pool and spa customers since 2013. Mills will continue managing operations at the Chandler facility.

Haviland Pool and Spa Sales Manager David O’Brien applauds the addition of Mills and his team: “We’re fortunate to have them join us. They are a first-class organization that does things right."

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