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Functional Coatings

The landscape of metal finishing is changing, and Haviland Products is changing with it. We stay on the cutting of ELV-Compliant, PEL-ready processes to meet the ever-increasing testing requirements of today’s functional coatings.

Prodigy Green Line of passivate represent a fundamental leap forward in surface finishing philosophy – sustainability.

Sustainability – in industry, in society, in the environment – demands innovation. Prodigy Green Solutions are Haviland’s family of environmentally friendly products designed to drive industry, help society, and challenge your concept of sustainable surface finishing.

Sustaining Industry
Prodigy Green Line products are produced to exceed your demanding specifications. Economically priced and easy to use, Prodigy Green Line products helps take the worry out of your process.

Sustaining Society
Haviland proudly operates all of their manufacturing centers in the United States – since 1934. Our formulating chemists develop, blend and package our Prodigy products in our employee-owned facility. Acting with integrity and honesty is Haviland’s first core value.

Sustaining Environment
Prodigy Green Line of passivate and topcoats produce finishing that will stand the test of time without harming our precious natural resources. The Haviland facilities are eco-friendly, and we were designated as a Clean Corporate Citizen by the Department of Environmental Quality in December, 2008, the first company of its kind to receive such an honor.

Prodigy Skybrite 100 – Haviland’s single component RoHS-compliant blue-bright passivate which delivers a brilliant, highly polished blue-brite appearance. When applied properly it will exceed 120 hours of neutral salt spray to white corrosion. Available in pails, drums and totes. Ask your Haviland representative for technical data sheets and pricing.

Prodigy Sunrise YL1 – Haviland’s single component yellow dye for use with our Skybrite 100 blue-bright passivate which will impart an aesthetically pleasing yellow-iridescent bright conversion coating. Mix Sunrise YL 1 with the passivate, or use in separate tank following the passivate. Available in pails, drums and totes. Ask your Haviland representative for technical data sheets and pricing.

Prodigy Midnite – Haviland’s two- component RoHS-compliant black passivate. Midnite produces a rich, lustrous black color with excellent corrosion protection. At last a trivalent black that duplicates the appearance of traditional silver-based hexavalent baths. The low cost and reduced concentration of components will also help your bottom line. Available in pails, drums and totes. Ask your Haviland representative for technical data sheets and pricing.

Look for other Prodigy Green Solution products coming soon:

Prodigy EZR-COTE
A replacement for traditional phosphate with vastly reduced sludging. The unique manufacturing process of Prodigy EZR-COTE allows it to resist almost all drag-in contamination, surpassing all other phosphate replacements. EZR-COTE allows coaters to eliminate excess rinse tanks prior to the pretreat process, saving space and time.

A line of low-temp cleaners that get the job done without heating up your energy budget. Lower your carbon footprint with a “waterbreak-free” cleaner that doesn’t sacrifice performance.


Our Havtech ZN-1 alkaline non-cyanide zinc and Radiance AZ chloride zinc process are the new industry standards for efficiency, brightness and chromate/passivate receptivity. Contact Haviland Products to find the functional chemistry that’s right for you.
We also have the processes to reduce overall cost, and increase your productivity. Whether its alkaline non-cyanide copper, non-fluoride hard chrome, black oxide, zinc phosphate, or cyanide coppers, if you need hex-free, lead/cad free, low temp, high efficiency, decorative finishes, and a low cost to operate, Haviland is here to exceed your expectations.

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