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Decorative Coatings

Some of the finest platers in the U.S. rely on Haviland’s copper and nickel brighteners for their extraordinary leveling and brightness. Some of the most competitive, high-volume production job-shops rely on those very same brighteners for their consistency and low price.

If you’re looking for a million dollar finish on a pennies-per-piece budget, try Haviland’s Optima, Ultima and Performa lines of nickel brighteners. Platers of all sizes make the switch to Haviland each day.
Customers also rely on Haviland Products for their custom blended products. Platers know that a brightener that works for someone else may not work for them. Often, different plating lines within the same shop run with different chemistry. Haviland’s laboratory and contract packaging capabilities allow Haviland to quickly and effectively adapt to a customer’s specific needs. Contact Haviland Products to find the decorative chemistry that’s right for you.

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