Whether you’re Treating groundwater, wastewater or filtering industrial-use water, Haviland has the products and resources to help you get clean, and stay clean. We can provide you with the resources to keep your water flowing, free of contaminants, and at the lowest overall cost in the industry.

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Water Treatment

Haviland not only has the products to treat your wastewater, we also have a full line of commodities needed to treat potable water. We provide a number of NSF products in a variety of packaging sizes. From HFS to Ferric Chloride, we can provide you with the materials that meet your specifications.

We can provide your municipality with low-cost commodity chemistry as well as some of the finest blended phosphates to ensure the purity we’ve come to depend on from our local water department. Contact Haviland Products to find the Municipal Water product or service that’s right for you.
Haviland will gladly review all Municipal bids as well. We know the pressure municipalities are under to ensure that they receive the best price for the taxpayer dollar. We will strive to ensure that you receive the most competitive price possible.

As the contaminant limits for industrial wastewater continue to fall, many customers have increased their dependence on Haviland Products to help insure superior wastewater quality. Our technical service team can provide analysis, equipment consultation and hands on support to help you fine tune your industrial wastewater needs. Contact Haviland Products to find the Industrial water product or service that’s right for you.

Remediation Chemistry
Whether remediation chemistry is needed on an on-going basis at an established site or specialty products are needed for a specific project; Haviland Has It! Clean- up sites often have multiple strategies involving oxidizers, filtration and specific purification aids which by themselves will not introduce further or different levels of contamination.
Haviland offers many different grades and will discuss different specifications and environmental requirements knowledgably with internal laboratory staff as well as manufacturers representatives. This common technical language with on-site engineers as well as highly responsible handling, delivery and logistics competency leads remediation professionals to say; Haviland Has It!

Haviland can provide a variety of on-site and laboratory testing to find the best process possible for your potable water or wastewater needs.

Our lab utilizes the latest equipment and testing procedures.

  • Atomic Absorbtion Spectrophotmeter
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectoscopy (FTIR)
  • HPLC
  • UV / VIS Spectrometer
  • Density Meters
  • Refractometers
  • Karl Fischer Titrator / KF Oven
  • Specific Ion Electrode Analysis
  • Colorimiters
  • Drying Oven


Commodity Chemistry Market Updates

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